Work Requests in Pittsburgh

Bolster-DeHart, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Pittsburgh. Learn more about Bolster-DeHart, Inc.'s recent work requests in Pittsburgh and nearby areas!

Learn more about Bolster DeHart, Inc.'S recent work requests in Pittsburgh, PA
Vicinity of Ivory Avenue in Pittsburgh
Replace thermocouple on boiler system. Overall tune-up of boiler.
Vicinity of Edgewood Drive in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate to have insulation blown into the walls of my home. House is very cold in the winter---especially along outside walls. When I have renovated rooms---and removed drywall----there is almost no insulation in the outside walls.
Vicinity of Hilton Drive in Pittsburgh
Air conditioner about 35 years old and stopped working. Ron has worked with our family for decades and came out to take a look. Condenser unit is broken and not worth replacing in such an old unit. Wanted to get a quote and get it replaced ASAP.
Vicinity of Lindisfarne Dr in Pittsburgh
I have wall cavity returns. The cavity goes all the way up to the attic (for some reason) and is pulling in that smelly musty attic air. The insulation is pretty old so I would like to remove it and replace it in the entire attic. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Vicinity of Westward Ho Drive in Pittsburgh
Replace whole house air system
Vicinity of Wood Street in Pittsburgh
Need to get air conditioning to our chapel area in our facility.
Vicinity of Ivy St in Pittsburgh
The air conditioner is running and the fan is blowing but the unit is not cooling the house.
Vicinity of Crimson Drive in Pittsburgh
AC unit is 12 years old. Had to have it recharged 2 years ago. looking for quote for replacement.
Vicinity of Carriage Drive in Pittsburgh
Home energy audit. assessing attic insulation.
Vicinity of Napoleon St in Pittsburgh
Old furnace is no longer efficient need a new high efficiency furnace
Vicinity of Hillcrest Drive in Pittsburgh
Our compressor broke this morning, we had it checked by a local company and were told our AC unit is so out of date, we should have it replaced as the antifreeze will be unavailable for purchase soon. We are looking for quotes at this time for a new Air Conditioning unit/installation. Thank you.
Vicinity of Taylor Ave in Pittsburgh
I am looking for a quote for an AC unit. I have a forced air furnace in place. I would need everything else for the AC though. No existing compressor exists. I would like to get a quote on 7/1
Vicinity of Bower Hill Rd in Pittsburgh
Upstairs is too warm and is likely an issue with insulation.
Vicinity of Chislett St in Pittsburgh
Insulation consult... Questions about lack of roof ventilation in space
Vicinity of Calistoga Pl in Pittsburgh
The unit in my home does not appear to be working properly. I'm interested in a free estimate of repairs needed.
Vicinity of North Park Road in Pittsburgh
Looking to replace heating and air conditioning system in house.
Vicinity of Center Avenue in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate for a 3 to 4 zone mini split system installed for my second floor.
Vicinity of Mount Hope Street in Pittsburgh
I am interested in having an air conditioning maintenance done to my unit to make sure everything is working properly before the dog days of summer hit.
Vicinity of Olde Ingomar Ct in Pittsburgh
Need to replace my current air conditioning unit and would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Ravenswood Ave in Pittsburgh
Blow in insulation in wall
Vicinity of Nichols Rd in Pittsburgh
Replace furnace and A/C units
Vicinity of Clark Street in Pittsburgh
Looking to have a/c installed in home. I was considering ductless a/c as well.
Vicinity of Link Ave in Pittsburgh
Need to remove attic insulation damaged by flying squirrels. Attic approx 27'x21' in area.
Vicinity of Berlin Way in Pittsburgh
Renovation of 1500sq ft home , needs full insulation
Vicinity of Maytide St in Pittsburgh
I have a finished attic with a crawl space on either side, a slanted portion of the roof that has dry wall over it, and the peak above the ceiling. I'd like to get it air sealed and insulated. Thanks!
Vicinity of Penfield Pl in Pittsburgh
Looking to install a cooling system before late summer. Interested in most energy efficient/eco-friendly options.
Vicinity of Pioneer Ave in Pittsburgh
Looking for a quote to air seal and insulate my home
Vicinity of Hobart Street in Pittsburgh
We need to clean and insulate a crawl space under an addition on our house.
Vicinity of Stevendale Dr in Pittsburgh
Just wanted to have an audit to see where things can be improved.
Vicinity of Pearl Street in Pittsburgh
We would like to insulate the ceiling of our third floor.
Vicinity of Edwards Way in Pittsburgh
I have a frozen pipe at our rental property and I believe the cause is the pipe running through our uninsulated crawl space. To help prevent this in the future I would like to see if we can insulate the crawl space. Thanks!
Vicinity of Hilton Dr in Pittsburgh
Looking to replace furnace. Want to get quotes.
Vicinity of Lucy Drive in Pittsburgh
Putting our house on the market to sell, one of our bedrooms has no heat. Hoping to get an estimate of how much it would cost to get heat running through there.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
My bedroom and attic do not have heat come through the vents. Furnace company came and said the ductwork was not attached, but wanted a second opinion and quote for installation if there isn't ductwork.
Vicinity of Stratford Avenue in Pittsburgh
We just installed our gas furnaces systems, 2 zones, and the furnace in the attic that supplies the 3rd and 2nd floor seems to have been installed with spotty duct work as the 2nd floor does not warm at all. Would like to get an inspection on the actual furnaces and duct work performed as well to see if you all could make any repairs to it. Thank you.
Vicinity of Willow Dr in Pittsburgh
We are not currently a client as we recently moved to the neighborhood. What are your fees when dealing with the following problem: After replacing batteries in the thermostat, the furnace is blowing a fuse (possibly internal to the furnace or control board). It's a 24 volt circuit and pulls about 14 amps on the fuse line. The fuse in questions is a 5 amp just like one in a car. Thank you.
Vicinity of Berkshire Drive in Pittsburgh
Doing a complete home renovation, re-doing HVAC system including ductwork, looking into geothermal vs. high-efficiency furnace
Vicinity of Lewin Lane in Pittsburgh
I have two crawl spaces I need to have insulated.
Vicinity of W Ingomar Rd in Pittsburgh
Interested in quite for basement insulation.
Vicinity of Coal Street in Pittsburgh
Old furnace, blower rattles a lot unable to take squirrel cage off to tighten.
Vicinity of Dunlap St in Pittsburgh
Blower Motor stopped working - Bryant Series 90 No heat in house !
Vicinity of Tarpon Drive in Pittsburgh
Need Quote for insulation in attic
Vicinity of Coal St. in Pittsburgh
Hello! I'm interested in putting cellulose spray insulation in my home and would like an estimate. Please contact me at your convenience. Thank you.
Vicinity of Trolist Dr in Pittsburgh
Attic insulation - estimate Thanks
Vicinity of Library Road in Pittsburgh
Need to replace flooded furnace want 90% efficient or up--price a concern--
Vicinity of Meadow Road in Pittsburgh
I have a zoned hot water heating system that is approx. 15 years old. Heat is very inadequate in my bathroom. I suspect it's a combination of undersized baseboard heat, underperforming wall heater, malfunctioning in-floor heating, and/or insufficient insulation along with a very high ceiling with two skylights. It's pretty much a heating nightmare. I also have other issues with banging pipes in the basement when the boiler is running as well as a toe kick heater under a kitchen cabinet that is not working.
Vicinity of Mary Ann Drive in Pittsburgh
New furnace.
Vicinity of Mccandless Avenue in Pittsburgh
I have an attic with a loft portion and a cathedral ceiling portion. The loft is insulated but the cathedral ceiling is gutted and needs to be reinsulated. I would prefer dense-pack cellulose blown into a netting and was wondering if you do that or have other suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of W View Ave in Pittsburgh
If you blow insulation into walls (via attic and not having to cut holes in the house) - I would like an estimate please.
Vicinity of Duffield St. in Pittsburgh
I'm interested in a free estimate. I'd like to improve my home's energy efficiency -- starting with the attic hatch.
Vicinity of Cobblestone Dr in Pittsburgh
I am inquiring on the cost of a service plan and what is included with it.
Vicinity of N. Sheridan Ave. in Pittsburgh
Attic blow-in insulation quote requested. Thank you
Vicinity of Reifert Street in Pittsburgh
Either replace thermocouple on old gas furnace or replace furnace
Vicinity of Belonda St in Pittsburgh
Check furnace or get price on new one
Vicinity of Osage Road in Pittsburgh
Would like estimate on replacing duct insulation in basement.
Vicinity of Penn Street in Pittsburgh
I have old forced steam radiators throughout my home. To my knowledge the boiler that heats these has never been updated. I'm fine with keeping these same radiators so long as they work but want to look into getting a more energy efficient boiler for my radiant heat system.
Vicinity of Claybourne St in Pittsburgh
I have an addition with OSB sheathing that I need to wrap with Tyvek and am considering whether I should have rigid insulation board installed in addition to that, prior to installing siding. Probably 20 square in total. Exterior. I am interested in an estimate for this project if possible. I have another project as well, that involves an attic space and how it should be insulated. Interior Thanks
Vicinity of Tadmar Ave in Pittsburgh
Would like attic insulalted
Vicinity of Downlook St in Pittsburgh
Looking to have our boiler system inspected and receive an estimate for replacement or upgrades.
Vicinity of Avonworth Heights Dr in Pittsburgh
Interested in attic insulation upgrade as well as hvac work at our house.
Vicinity of Navahoe Dr in Pittsburgh
No ventilation system in basement and garage
Vicinity of Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh
I have had some work done in my house and have been advised that the insulation in the small attic area is in need of replacement. I am seeking bids to consider putting the needed insulation in that area.
Vicinity of Emerson St in Pittsburgh
The joist space/foundation for our house is not insulated - and lets in a lot of heat/cold from the outside. Would like to try to get this insulated and finished before winter. Thanks!
Vicinity of Babcokc Blvd in Pittsburgh
Need all new heat/air
Vicinity of Carlton St in Pittsburgh
Some of our vents seem to have lots of cold air coming out, while others have very little air coming out of the vents at all leading some rooms to be much hotter than others.
Vicinity of Haldane St in Pittsburgh
I'm looking to get an estimate for blown-in insulation.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
Bought our house a year ago. Upon inspection, some mold was found in attic. The owners painted over it with a sealant. My one year old son is constantly getting sick for no reason and i,m just concerned its something in the air
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
HVAC P&M service quote request
Vicinity of Lancelot Drive in Pittsburgh
We have a sunroom that has existing insulation that needs removed and new insulation added. In the colder months you can feel the cool air rising from the floor. There is an entry point from the outside to gain access to the underneath. I look forward to hearing from you!
Vicinity of Inverness Dr in Pittsburgh
I have a 30+ years old townhouse. In my opinion, only an idiot would install heating/cooling ducts in outside walls - because now those walls are filled with mold (one of the pleasant features of frame houses). I cannot move out and I cannot fix the walls (technically they belong to the homeowners' association, i.e. Mr.Builder-Developer). I can, however, insert lining into ducts. My question is - what type of product do you use for duct sealing (Duct Armor?) and how much (approximately) the sealing would cost me (3 story townhouse, 1300 sq,f, two exterior walls, wall 1 has 2 ducts on the 3rd.floor, 1 on the 2nd floor; wall 2 has 1 duct of the 3rd floor and 1 on the 2nd. There are also interior ducts in two 3rd floor bathrooms, 1 in the kitchen on the second floor and 3 ducts on the lower level. Vey important question also is: should I move all the furniture in the house or you would insert the lining from the heater's shaft? Thanks, Hanna.
Vicinity of Kind Drive in Pittsburgh
The insulation in my garage and laundry room in the basement is starting to fall and it actually looks like there is mold on it and I am very concerned.
Vicinity of Brushglen Drive in Pittsburgh
Blow in attic insulation upgrade.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
I need to get a quote to have insulation added in the ceiling above my kitchen. The kitchen is an addition to my home, and is perpetually cold in the winter. My master bath overlooks the roof of the kitchen and snow regularly melts faster there than other places on the house. I had my handy-man look at the attic crawl space above the kitchen, and he said there was particle board flooring across the rafters. In his view, it just needed to have holes drilled in the particle board, and insulation blown in between the rafters, but he suggested I call a professional. I saw your company on Yelp. Please contact me via phone or emails. Thanks and regards, Larry Dietrich
Vicinity of Mathilda St in Pittsburgh
Our Central Air Unit has stopped working. It quit for about an hour then came on for an hour and now is not working again, This is the first time this has happened to us.
Vicinity of Stewart Ave in Pittsburgh
I had my furnace inspected when I bought the house about a year ago. They said it was quite old but still functional. Then I had someone come to do a fall tune-up and they indicated that it was on it's last leg. It lasted through the winter but makes a lot of noise. I'm looking for an estimate to replace my furnace. I'm especially interested in any mid-summer discounts.
Vicinity of Ludwick Street in Pittsburgh
Worried about poor air quality in our home and interested in installing a better/balanced system
Vicinity of Avon Court in Pittsburgh
Air conditioner doesn't keep house cold and may need servicing. It hasn't been serviced in awhile. Ducts may need cleaning as well. On a hot day, the AC will run nonstop and the inside temperature will never get below 77 degrees.
Vicinity of Leander Street in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of Forbes Ave in Pittsburgh
Interested in basement insulation options
Vicinity of Darrell Drive in Pittsburgh
Need to know how to cut down on my energy usage
Vicinity of Mineola Avenue in Pittsburgh
Issues with our AC - it sounds as though it's running but it is not cooling down the house.
Vicinity of Squaw Run Road East in Pittsburgh
We are looking to establish a new relationship with a local heating and cooling company and your company was highly recommended.
Vicinity of Aurelia St in Pittsburgh
Sound proofing a room
Vicinity of Salem Dr in Pittsburgh
We have issues with the upstairs being is hot in summer. In addition, we have issues with our family room addition - hot in summer and cold in winter. I think better insulation would help. Also our AC is very old and needs to be replaced/upgraded. I am looking for recommendations on how to make the whole home more comfortable.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
Need new radiator connected to existing boiler
Vicinity of Lanark St. in Pittsburgh
Accepted your proposal for new a/c unit and was told that Bolster-DeHart also offers insulation services. We are interested.
Vicinity of Portland Way in Pittsburgh
Need to look at the option of installing a basement dehumidifier.
Vicinity of WOODSTOCK AVE in Pittsburgh
I would like to insulate the attic of my house. The third floor is finished space, so I want to avoid having to tear out the ceiling. As far as I can tell, there is no insulation in the rafter bays. I might also be interested in a home energy audit. Thanks!
Vicinity of Durbin St. in Pittsburgh
Air conditioner needs repair or replaced. Fan not spinning on unit.
Vicinity of Bradley Street in Pittsburgh
Hello - We live in new construction (complete in Jan 2017) and have two furnace systems- one in basement servicing the lower two floors and one on top floor servicing the bedroom level. On hot days the air coming from vents on top floor seem to have an odor. I'm not sure if this is just "new house smell" circulating or something is wrong with duct work or AC. I would like to have this inspected. Thank you!
Vicinity of Graphic Street in Pittsburgh
I would like a price on a home energy audit for approximate 1500 square foot house. I have some insulation issues with the house that need checked. In addition, I have a central A/C system 2.5 tons that cools the temperature fine but does not do an adequate job at dehumidifying. The condenser is a Tempstar and only a few years old but the air handler is an older generic one. I'd like it checked and also an estimate on installing a whole house dehumidifier through the existing duct work if you are able to do provide that. I also have a secondary mini split A/C a 1 ton Mitsubishi that is used when it is extremely hot; it leaks refrigerant so it would need more added and possibly the leak fixed. Lastly, one metal duct running through the closet is leaking air as the fitting is not done properly. I put some tape on it to reduce the leak but I would like it fixed properly.
Vicinity of Bascom Ave in Pittsburgh
Purchased old home with existing boiler system. Want to determine current working condition of system as well as air conditioning installation.
Vicinity of Crofton Drive in Pittsburgh
Looking for a quote to re-insulate our attic.
Vicinity of Ann Arbor Ave in Pittsburgh
Older home with radiators, looking to add cooling to a few rooms with ductless units and also add heat/cooling to an unconditioned, finished attic space
Vicinity of Clearvue Road in Pittsburgh
Air Condition Service
Vicinity of Orlando Avenue in Pittsburgh
I'm a operating engineer I am working a surplus of hours and need a central air conditioning put in. I could do it myself but I would have to borrow tools and find time to do it. If the quote is right I'd rather have someone do it so I could enjoy sitting in my house when I'm not actually working.
Vicinity of Woodcock in Pittsburgh
Old heat and AC. Not broken. But looking for upgrade. Would like to hear available options
Vicinity of Oxford Road in Pittsburgh
Just moved in to house. Looking for general service on AC system and gas furnace maintenance. Don't know if you have any service packages etc.
Vicinity of Frederick St in Pittsburgh
I have no concerns just want to get a quote on a new furnace and AC
Vicinity of Mcclure Avenue in Pittsburgh
Seeking a quote for a home energy audit. Newly purchased home is 1500 feet.
Vicinity of Beacon Hill Drive in Pittsburgh
Inquiring about a ductless air conditioning system for the third floor [three rooms] of a three level townhouse. Please call to discuss pricing.
Vicinity of Lois in Pittsburgh
Check home a/c unit not working
Vicinity of Doulton Rd in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate on ways to heat and cool our home more efficiently - the furnace and AC are older (probably 15+). The home is from the 1950's but was gutted and remodeled. Not sure how or if the space between the attic bedroom and the roof is insulated based on how cold the house was this past winter. Looking to get a professional opinion and prices on some options - looking to get work done before the end of summer. - Thanks
Vicinity of Roosevelt Ave in Pittsburgh
I would like to schedule a routine check-up on my air conditioner unit.
Vicinity of Franklin Run Ct in Pittsburgh
Just purchased home, would like to get furnace and air conditioner inspected
Vicinity of Belrose Ave in Pittsburgh
Pricing on blown insulation and boiler heater and water heater combo please
Vicinity of Emerson Ave in Pittsburgh
Trying to decide between portable air conditioning, ductless mounted or running existing ductwork into a finished attic space.
Vicinity of Old Perry Highway in Pittsburgh
I own a home that has an aging Weil McLain GV boiler. The system overall is having some issues (there are some cracked radiators / broken pipes that have been taken out of the system) but recently, some of the radiators are hot and some are not. The pressure gauge is also not reading any pressure so I'm not sure if the gauge is broken or there actually is not pressure. I would also be interested in hearing about the cost to install / update our existing system. Our heating bills over the winter averaged $500 / month.
Vicinity of Timberlane Drive in Pittsburgh
Need a quote to replace a furnace and then a furnace and air conditioning. Need quotes ASAP to make a decision. Also need to consider any financing options.
Vicinity of Shady Avnue in Pittsburgh
Need to replace existing water heater, AC and heating boiler unit. House is 2900 sq ft.
Vicinity of Florida Avenue in Pittsburgh
Approximately how much do you charge for energy audit? Our home is a 3 story 1700sq ft home in Mt lebanon. I'm interested in having the energy audit done as well as discussing some other HVAC projects. (Replacing existing boiler, central ac) Best way to contact me is email.
Vicinity of Kipling Rd in Pittsburgh
Attic insulation and room over garage insulation.
Vicinity of Rossmor Court in Pittsburgh
I would like a quote for an AC and furnace annual maintenance check up.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
Looking for an estimate to insulate walls in kitchen and bathroom on first floor of old row home.
Vicinity of Semple in Pittsburgh
Selling my house and just received a call from my realtor saying my furnace isn't working. Need to get someone to look at it ASAP. I would call but I'm at work, please give me a call and I will do my best to step away and figure out a good time. Thank you!
Vicinity of Lohengrin Dr in Pittsburgh
Looking for quotes to replace our central air conditioner
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
Heat not working
Vicinity of Mintwood Street in Pittsburgh
Furnace making rumbling noise for past 24 hours when it turns on.
Vicinity of Ridge Ave in Pittsburgh
I'm looking to add/ replace insulation in my attic and air seal, and I'm looking for quotes to do the work. I'm also interested in a whole house energy audit that could show me where I could save money.
Vicinity of Greenridge Lane in Pittsburgh
Old house lots of leaky spots - insulation needed Need a new hot water tank as well If possible sometime Thursday 2/15 11-1pm would be awesome for an appointment. Thank you
Vicinity of New Brighton Road in Pittsburgh
I have a heated driveway powered by a condensing gas boiler 250k btu. The boiler is original and 24 years old and in need of replacement. The detector, pumps, etc. have been replaced over the years and are all in great working order. So, I'm just needing the boiler replaced. I would like to find someone that knows these systems and can be the service company I can when needed as well. If you can replace, I would like to get a quote. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ridgeside Rd in Pittsburgh
We need a new furnace because our heat exchange is old and likely to crack soon
Vicinity of Chislett St. in Pittsburgh
Furnace constantly running
Vicinity of Clearvue Road in Pittsburgh
Chris/Nick, Unfortunately changing the Valve didn't solve the problem. Still banging hard. Not sure what's going, frustrating. Thanks. We can discuss next options. Thanks. Ken.
Vicinity of Lindenwood Drive in Pittsburgh
Heat bill costs - we have had walls and attic insulated but still high heat bills.
Vicinity of Antrim Court in Pittsburgh
Our house has lots of icicles that make me think the attic isn't well insulated. Not sure when it was last done on our home so I'd like someone to have a look. Perhaps it isn't the insulation but something else so I'd like to have someone check it out. I'm happy with Bolster-Dehart for our HVAC work so I'm giving you all a crack at the insulation service. Thanks!
Vicinity of Villa Drive in Pittsburgh
Concerned mainly with poor attic insulation. this is the 2nd time in 8 years where i have had ice dams form on the front and rear of my house/townhome. i plan on getting a new roof in the spring with ice shield installed at the first few rows of the roof but i am also looking for other ways to prevent this from happening again.
Vicinity of Theona St in Pittsburgh
Whole house insulation
Vicinity of Maxwell Dr in Pittsburgh
Looking to get a quote to insulate 2nd floor overhang.
Vicinity of Dewey St in Pittsburgh
Hello, I would like a free estimate at your convenience. My friend Alan Reed recommended your company. He knows Paul Dehart. My name is Joe and my furnace has some condensation near it and keeps shutting off. It seems to get to 64 or 67 degrees and then shuts off but won't get warmer than that even though the thermostat is set much higher. I have done some preliminary problem-solving and am not sure what the problem is.
Vicinity of Center Street in Pittsburgh
Furance don't working gas is on.
Vicinity of Ryan DR in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate on redoing the insulation for a knee wall attic space
Vicinity of Clearvue Road in Pittsburgh
I have an older home, and the front of the home is not insulated. I feel like the cold air is just pouring in my house. Wondering if you do insulation in homes ??
Vicinity of Landview Road in Pittsburgh
Exterior walls and crawl space not insulated
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
My parents live at that address and has a lot of medical conditions. The furnace is broke and the house is freezing inside. I would like to know what the cost will be to fix or replace the furnace. Thank you
Vicinity of W Prospect in Pittsburgh
Hi, I think I need to insulate a crawlspace underneath the back half of my house, located directly below my living room, first-floor bathroom and a three-season room/porch on the side of the house off the living room. The three-season room is connected to the living room, but also has its own exterior door with 4 wooden steps leading down to the back patio. The crawlspace is only accessible through a 2-3 ft. tall opening located behind these steps. It's not accessible from inside the house or the basement. I think it may be considered "above grade," since it's at a higher elevation than the basement, but I'm not completely sure. We recently had to tear out the wooden steps and surrounding lattice work, which I think was acting as a poor man's wind break, because as soon as we did, we noticed a drastic decrease in the air temperature inside the house above the crawlspace area. There may be other issues as well, as the house is an old Victorian, but this is probably the biggest. If you are still doing insulation work during the winter, and still offering free estimates, I'd very much like to schedule one at your next available convenience. And, if you do come, I'd be interested in potentially having an energy audit done while you're here, depending on the price. Ideally, it could be included as part of the fee estimate for the crawl space work, for purposes of determining the full extent of work needed to fix all the temperature issues, since, as I said, there may be other contributing factors given the age of the house. My schedule is flexible and just about any time or day can work. Thanks, Joe
Vicinity of Lucina Ave in Pittsburgh
I am wanting to insulate my house.
Vicinity of IRWIN AVE in Pittsburgh
Would like a quote to install either blown cellulose or foam insulation into my exterior walls.
Vicinity of Windsor Ct in Pittsburgh
Looking for a comprehensive energy audit.
Vicinity of Hiwood Drive in Pittsburgh
Please contact me for an insulation estimate.
Vicinity of Alma Dr. in Pittsburgh
I would like an audit of our heating system. The furnace is 2 years old, and I have been changing filters, but one side of the house is much warmer than the other side. We just moved into the home in July. I would like to ensure that everything is working properly. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of Corteland Drive in Pittsburgh
Would like quote on heat pump system replacement.
Vicinity of Somerset St in Pittsburgh
Need new furnace
Vicinity of KENDALL AVE in Pittsburgh
Planning to replace boiler (1976). Input 150,000 output 120,000
Vicinity of Lodi Way in Pittsburgh
I believe the Flame Sensor on my furnace is malfunctioning causing the furnace to cut out after ignition.
Vicinity of Greentree Road in Pittsburgh
Furnace does not blow hot air.
Vicinity of Forbes Ave in Pittsburgh
Boiler not working
Vicinity of Witherspoon Street in Pittsburgh
House has become incredibly dry since the onset of cold weather this month. Hoping for someone to be able to diagnose and identify air leaks and seal any leaks to remedy the problem.
Vicinity of Winslow Dr in Pittsburgh
The furnace in the house will not stay on after firing/will not kick on. Temp on thermostat has also been off by 2degrees for some time now. This house is old and I have a 5mos old and a 5yrold here. The temp at night is getting way too low for them2 be safe and comfortable. The vents are also pretty dirty and I believe the air quality is poor due to allergens and such. Main concern right now is fixing heat 2 a point of safe functioning
Vicinity of Lockhart St in Pittsburgh
Not sure if I have big enough cold air return system or blower issue or furnace all together. 900sq ft apartment one floor.(5 openings cold air and 5 forced air)...back of apartment blows fine and stays warm...front seems to lack air movement and stays cold....thermostat in front.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
We need heating and ventilation for a room of 39'x39'x16.5'
Vicinity of Somerville Dr. in Pittsburgh
Knee wall space in a traditional cape cod house. Would like to get on estimate on insulating the space. If available I would preferred a time on Nov. 1 between 8 am and noon.
Vicinity of Berry Street in Pittsburgh
This is a duplex home. 2 nd floor needs a new furnace and a/c.
Vicinity of Lenox Oval in Pittsburgh
Bedroom of condominium does not maintain temperature. Room becomes too cold in winter and does not stay warm. Bay window and seat seem to be where the leak is occurring.
Vicinity of Buena Vista St in Pittsburgh
Yearly Furnace Service
Vicinity of Broadhead Ave in Pittsburgh
I have a recently purchase home build in 1979 with central air conditioning. Most of the house's temperature is well controlled. Unfortunately, the master bedroom has been significantly warmer than the rest of the house. At time it feels like the A/C isn't doing anything to cool the room down. However, every time I check the vent, I feel the cold air blowing out of the vent. I am not sure if it is an insulation issue or a blockage in the duct or a combination of the two. I'm looking for someone to diagnosis the issue and give an estimate to repair. Thank you.
Vicinity of Willett Rd. in Pittsburgh
Attic first floor garage ceiling estimates
Vicinity of Potomac Ave in Pittsburgh
Very old drafty house Insanely high winter heating bills.
Vicinity of OSWEGO ST in Pittsburgh
Furnace maintenance check
Vicinity of Saint Charles Pl in Pittsburgh
Seeking a proposal on a residential A/C and furnace combo replacement. The current system is 28-years-old.
Vicinity of Friendship in Pittsburgh
I have a large job in the Friendship part of Pittsburgh. Let me know if you would be interested in creating & installing ductwork. The original ducts in my house are leaky. I would like to both replace them and relocate a few.
Vicinity of E Genessee St in Pittsburgh
I'm looking to get my attic insulation upgraded and an attic hatch installed.
Vicinity of Ambleside Dr in Pittsburgh
Routine check up
Vicinity of Chadworth Ct in Pittsburgh
I'd like to add an air/heat exchanger to my house to get more fresh air without increasing utility bills too much.
Vicinity of Denniston St, in Pittsburgh
I am told I need a new furnace
Vicinity of Cable Avenue in Pittsburgh
Insulation on house
Vicinity of Penn Ave in Pittsburgh
I need a quote for insulation on open stud renovation.
Vicinity of Beechwood Blvd in Pittsburgh
I want to spray foam insulate the exposed planks of a free standing garage that is being converted to a work shop. New exterior roof currently being constructed. Surface area of bays is probably about 250 to 300 sq feet. Interested in 4 to 6 inches of open cell foam in the bays. The new roof has no ability to dry to the outside so I want open rather than closed spray on the inside in case any water penetrates the roof.
Vicinity of Brownsville Rd in Pittsburgh
House is freezing in winter, we have to use 3-4 space heaters , and very hot in summer
Vicinity of Milton St in Pittsburgh
I need to insulate a finished attic
Vicinity of Zug Avenue in Pittsburgh
I'm looking to add A/C to my home where I currently have forced air heating system.
Vicinity of Trance Dr in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of Riverwatch Ct in Pittsburgh
Just had solar panels installed and looking to see other ways to cut my energy costs.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
Need a quote for HVAC repair. Home has zoned hvac. One unit not turning on, the other unit needs charged.
Vicinity of Monterey in Pittsburgh
We have 2 total rehabs on the same street needing full insulation with dense pack cellulose
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
I'm in the process of remodeling my 2nd floor of a home that was built in 1934. I'm very interested in having the exterior walls insulated with spray foam, if the price is reasonable. There are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. I estimate approx. 650 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Roosevelt Blvd in Pittsburgh
Weil MClain HE II boiler needs serviced. Will not ignite. Runs through purge, valve, ignite cycle without igniting then flame/lockout light flashes.
Vicinity of Osgood St in Pittsburgh
Would like an estimate for a new hot water boiler and water heater.
Vicinity of S Bryant Ave in Pittsburgh
Looking to get an estimate to insulate the attic and knee walls on the top floor of my house. Also looking to have the rim joists insulated in the basement. The house was built in 1905 so it is very drafty in the winter and heating bills are high.
Vicinity of Woodbine in Pittsburgh
Furnace replacement
Vicinity of Regis Ave. in Pittsburgh
This concerns a Dectron dehumidifier unit for our indoor pool area at the Springhill Suites.I am with the new management company operating the hotel and have been told that the whole system needs replaced.We are looking for estimates or bids to check system and give written estimates for repairs or replacement.Apparently it has not operated effectively for some time and we need to have it taken care of as quickly as we can.Thank you....
Vicinity of Murray Avenue in Pittsburgh
We have an area in our basement that contains a finished room that has a plaster ceiling. Other insulation companies have told us that they cannot use their type of foam above a plaster ceiling and beneath the wood flooring of the living room above. Can you help?
Vicinity of N Fairmont St in Pittsburgh
Gutted house of approximately 2400 sf, three floors plus unfinished basement. Homeowner looking for mini split units throughout whole house.
Vicinity of North Franklin Street in Pittsburgh
I need insulation within my home
Vicinity of Ben Til Dr in Pittsburgh
There are areas of the walls that are not insulated properly
Vicinity of Macassar Dr in Pittsburgh
New purchase, concerned that the walls to the outside are not insulted, home is an end unit condo, built in 1950.
Vicinity of Cherry Valley Rd in Pittsburgh
1) Crawlspace (full concrete floor) has support beam for an addition above that is inserted on one side into the concrete crawlspace perimeter wall. The beam is nearly fully rotted where it is seated within the perimeter concrete because of some moisture intrusion. We'd like to get a quote to reinforce/fix this beam. 2) Crawlspace has fiberglass insulation in-between joists and plastic vapor barrier, but the insulation is old and deteriorated.. We'd like a quote on a full spray foam insulation job for the crawlspace. 3) There is an air-conditioner air-handler + ducts in the crawlspace. Some of the ducts are in poor shape, and have substantial air gaps, etc. We'd like to fix those. Thanks! Matt
Vicinity of Jacks Run Road in Pittsburgh
Looking at getting split AC units for master bedroom and possibly the den
Vicinity of Jaycee Dr in Pittsburgh
I need to insulate a ceiling in a top floor room 12x12
Vicinity of Pinehurst Ave in Pittsburgh
I'm interested in wall insulation for an existing home.
Vicinity of Maginn Street in Pittsburgh
I am remodeling an old farm house, researching geothermal options needs requirements concerns.
Vicinity of Aprilmae Way in Pittsburgh
3 bedroom town house, ad joining wall that has insulation already . Can anything be added to stop from hearing neighbor noise?
Vicinity of Conestoga Rd in Pittsburgh
Need blown-in wall insulation
Vicinity of Cascade Rd in Pittsburgh
Want to insulate our attic. The Super Attic approach looks interesting.
Vicinity of Hilpert in Pittsburgh
I have on one wall 2 closets located on the outside wall that attract a lot of moisture in the winter time. We usually use moisture removers but they do not seem to be working this year. I was wondering if pumped into the wall insulation would fix this problem one and for all. I can be reached all day Saturday and Sunday and after 4:30 M-F. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Hunt Road in Pittsburgh
I would like a bid to have my attic insulation replaced
Vicinity of Tennyson Avenue in Pittsburgh
We would like to add AC to our home.
Vicinity of Swallow Hill Rd in Pittsburgh
How much in total? Rheem 80% efficient furnace (or similar) Model number 801PA050 National Comfort Products through the wall condensing unit 2 ton in capacity Model number NCPE424
Vicinity of Wescott Drive in Pittsburgh
I am an existing customer and ask your assistance for a DIY project for my son who lives in Baltimore, MD. Before I get too far into the project, I thought it best if I ask you if you sell a device that accomplishes the task. So, do you sell a device that does the job? The project is to install a wall mounted thermostat to control an electric baseboard heater. At first I envisioned using the heating functionality of a basic Honeywell programmable thermostat. That is, employ a solid state relay with a 24VAC transformer. Positive connection from transformer to R pole on thermostat. W pole to positive pole on relay. Connect common on 24VAC transformer directly to negative on relay. The baseboard heater is wired with 12 wire.
Vicinity of Kinvara Court in Pittsburgh
Need to replace a 23 year old central air-conditioning system. The fan bearing is not sounding good. The house is 3000 sq foot and I believe the a/c unit is 3.5 tons. You replaced my neighbor's system at 121 Kinvara Court, last year, I believe. Can you give me a no strings attached quote (approx) by email or verbally over the phone? i need to decide on next steps soon. Thank you
Vicinity of Alder Street in Pittsburgh
I am interested in getting a quote on installing a second HVAC zone in my 3 story townhouse, which was originally built in the 1890s. Currently, the house a single HVAC zone, which adequately supplies the first two floors. Also, I would like a quote on redoing the duct work in the first two floors. At the moment, the current furnace is in good working order, and the AC also is working adequately.
Vicinity of Ulysses Street in Pittsburgh
Hello, We just bought a house and noticed that there is a bit of standing/pooling water in our AC basin. We would like to get this checked to ensure everything is working properly. Thanks! Michelle
Vicinity of Remington Drive in Pittsburgh
Looking for a new furnace and air to replace existing units
Vicinity of Cronemeyer Ave in Pittsburgh
I'm looking for a quote to replace my aging furnace, as well as add air conditioning to my 3 story home. We have a retrofitted central air system that reaches our 1st & 2nd floors.
Vicinity of Rodi Rd in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of Derwent in Pittsburgh
I'm interested in replacing my outdated central a/c unit. Thanks
Vicinity of Gramac Ln in Pittsburgh
Considering spray foam insulation in a large craw space approx 1200 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Colony Oaks Dr. in Pittsburgh
We have a room under out garage that has a ceiling of concrete poured of corrugated metal. The house is 20 years old and water has seeped through cracks in the garage floor. The metal has rusted in several places. I will be repairing the floor and sealing it the best I can but would like to see how much is would cost to stray insulation on the ceiling.
Vicinity of Soose Road in Pittsburgh
Old central air conditioning. Stopped working yesterday without any previous problems. Also old furnace from 1980s may need looked at.
Vicinity of Sunset Road in Pittsburgh
Basement wall and ceiling for sound deadening
Vicinity of Belleville Street in Pittsburgh
Replace existing furnace and add central air
Vicinity of Melbourne Street in Pittsburgh
Very cold cellar and living room
Vicinity of Calais Drive in Pittsburgh
High electric bills and old furnace.
Vicinity of Shields St in Pittsburgh
Basement insulation
Vicinity of Buckingham Dr in Pittsburgh
Hello, We are in the process of finishing our basement and wanted to get an idea of cost for HVAC heating/cooling installation for zoned heating. I'm not sure if this is something your company does, but if so, we're looking to get an estimate for the cost of the work. Thanks, Ramya
Vicinity of Estella Ave in Pittsburgh
Interested in a free estimate to my home
Vicinity of Willowbrook Rd in Pittsburgh
Estimate on wall insulations
Vicinity of Shawnee Rd. in Pittsburgh
Looking for estimate for spray foam on residential home as new truss roof install over old flat roof
Vicinity of Harmony Drive in Pittsburgh
I want to insulate and heat my basement.
Vicinity of Mission Street in Pittsburgh
I have an issue with the back part of my house. There is crevice that seems to allow air directly into the house. I believe that blown in insulation would fix the problem, but would like an opinion from a professional.
Vicinity of Edwood Road in Pittsburgh
Small heater/furnace to heat a sunroom
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate on a new furnace installation
Vicinity of E Carson Street in Pittsburgh
Hello, I would like to have a member of your team provide a quote for updates to a commercial property. The work includes: replacing the vent on 2 water heaters (small pinholes have developed in the vent), evaluating 3 furnaces to suggest repairs and/or replacement, providing a quote for installing central AC (duct work is already in place), providing additional suggestions for enhancing overall building energy efficiency.
Vicinity of SOUTH HARRISON AVENUE in Pittsburgh
Old gravity furnace on its last leg I'm told
Vicinity of Thomas Boulevard in Pittsburgh
We need to prepare our old, large house for winter.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
I am looking to insulate the attic ceiling with spray foam in an existing house. From my understanding, there is no rigid foam on the roof deck and no vents in the windows, soffits, or ridges. By my estimation, the attic ceiling is approximately 950 sq feet. Could you give me a rough estimate? I am unsure if spray foam is remotely in my budget. Thanks!
Vicinity of Forward Avenue in Pittsburgh
We are looking for spray foam solution for a crawl space with a bathroom above that freezes in the winter.
Vicinity of West Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh
Hello all, I installed a new parking pad with a basement beneath. I believe since the metal decking and garage concrete floor is colder than the basement condensation develops on the metal decking and drips into the basement. I believe by having spray foam on the bottom of the metal decking may help. Basement is around 7' tall so it would be a fairly easy job. Garage is 25' wide x 30' deep. Thanks
Vicinity of Leona Drive in Pittsburgh
Outside walls are cold
Vicinity of Wyoming St in Pittsburgh
I would like price on insulating exterior walls and attic. House will be gutted.
Vicinity of Country Lane in Pittsburgh
Crawl Space has water on floor. Would like to have a free estimate ASAP. Thank you!
Vicinity of Hastie Rd in Pittsburgh
Insulating garage ceiling
Vicinity of Elgin in Pittsburgh
I would like a price to do a portion of the ceiling in my basement
Vicinity of Smithfield Street in Pittsburgh
We have an air conditioning unit that leaks into or basement. I believe the coil is freezing up and then when it gets warmer it thaws and leaks under the unit and into the basement, though I can not be sure if that is the problem.
Vicinity of Washington Rd in Pittsburgh
I'm trying to get information for insulating the walls of my home.
Vicinity of McKnight Rd in Pittsburgh
I would like to get a estimate for new heating and cooling system.
Vicinity of Kinvara Drive in Pittsburgh
1. Furnace inspection 2. Humidifier not working 3. Would like to discuss indoor air quality as I have breathing problems in winter months.
Vicinity of Lindberg Ave in Pittsburgh
Need an estimate on furnace repair. According to a competitor the current furnace has a cracked heat exchange.
Vicinity of Marmion Dr in Pittsburgh
Time to replace my furnace. Looking for new options going forward. morning appointments work best for me. email contact please
Vicinity of Saint James Street in Pittsburgh
Drafty living room
Vicinity of Sun Ridge Drive in Pittsburgh
Looking for a quote to insulate garage ceiling with Cellulose between joists. Joists are currently covered with drywall. I believe joists are 10" Ceiling area is approximately 21' x 31'
Vicinity of Lancaster Avenue in Pittsburgh
We would like to receive quotes for foam insulation in a basement ceiling that is unfinished. We would like two quotes. One for doing the whole ceiling and one for just doing the sill plate around the border.
Vicinity of Havana Dr in Pittsburgh
Looking for an estimate for a new Furnace and AC system for a residential - single family home.
Vicinity of North Taylor Ave in Pittsburgh
I need a meeting and cooling system we're home that had radiator heat.
Vicinity of Pearl St. in Pittsburgh
We have an inaccessible crawlspace under our kitchen (which was an addition) and year after year, the pipes to the kitchen sink freeze. Looking to have the crawlspace insulated.
Vicinity of Pearl Street in Pittsburgh
The havoc unit isn't Turning on so I would like a free estimate on the existing unit or a new one
Vicinity of Forest Ave in Pittsburgh
Interested in purchasing a heating and cooling combo unit (mini split)to place in a third floor space (roughly 20x14)to enable the space to be considered a bedroom.
Vicinity of William Penn Place in Pittsburgh
Need Boiler replaced or alternative heating options
Vicinity of Lederer Avenue in Pittsburgh
Need to have more insulation layered in attic.
Vicinity of Sedalia Avenue in Pittsburgh
Ac fan clicks after starting, stops working since last night.
Vicinity of Ward in Pittsburgh
We have a crawl space that needs to be insulated
Vicinity of Firwood Drive in Pittsburgh
Intereested in cost of closed cell spray insulation in attic
Vicinity of W. Marlin in Pittsburgh
I would like to have my attic insulated in a way that would allow me to have a floor and to use it for storage.
Vicinity of Sandalwood Lane in Pittsburgh
Air conditioning maintainence.
Vicinity of Sky Ridge Drive in Pittsburgh
I have no concern, but I do have cellulose insulation in my attic now. It's time to add some more.
Vicinity of Dan Drive in Pittsburgh
Interested in receiving estimate for closed cell insulation for foundation walls for about 280 sq ft area (2 - 20' X 7' walls).
Vicinity of East Willock in Pittsburgh
Mini split system estimate
Vicinity of Borland Rd in Pittsburgh
50's brick colonial with no insulation in the walls
Vicinity of Fenway Road in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate on a new air conditioner for my home. Please contact me by phone or email. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bonvue in Pittsburgh
I am bidding the renovation of 4 house on Bonvue, Need quoted for blown in cellulose
Vicinity of Marlin Drive West in Pittsburgh
I am interested in insulating my attic. I have other insulation projects that I would like a quote for, but the attic is my most immediate concern.
Vicinity of Kentucky Ave in Pittsburgh
I own and live in a 2 unit house. I live on the first floor, and it can get quite noisy. I was interested in seeing how much it would cost to have spray foam put into the ceiling in order to act as a sound barrier.
Vicinity of Fernwood Ave. in Pittsburgh
We need a new AC unit for a 1400 sq. foot house. A basic two ton unit would be good.
Vicinity of Prospect Ave in Pittsburgh
To reduce heating costs and add cooling system to a 100 plus year old home
Vicinity of Gardenia Drive in Pittsburgh
My bathroom pipes burst,, and water went to my crawls looks like the water seemed through the plastic barrier that is under the crawl space... And there is no covers or insulation around the holes that surround the crawl space., so the cold seeps in through rose holes.
Vicinity of West Ingomar Road in Pittsburgh
We are having our house siding replaced within the next couple of months and this would be a good time to check the insulation. Also,I'd like some advice on insulating the basement. The house is >100 years old. Thank you.
Vicinity of Logan Ferry Rd in Pittsburgh
My house was built in 1968 and feels like there is no to hardly any insulation in the walls. Short of ripping them down and adding more, I found your site that offers foam insulation. Can I please get a quote?
Vicinity of Park Manor Blvd. in Pittsburgh
Need to obtain a free estimate on replacing a 14 year old 3-ton Carrier Packaged Rooftop Unit along with an estimate for a heat exchanger. Jennifer Hendrickson Acceptance Insurance
Vicinity of Cavan Drive in Pittsburgh
We moved into this house in October 2014. There was no attic insulation at that time. With the cold weather that we are having you can feel the cold air coming thru the walls -doors-windows etc..
Vicinity of Woodland Avenue in Pittsburgh
Need to insulate a wall where PVC plumbing is installed that is leading to frozen pipes.
Vicinity of Dalzell Ave. in Pittsburgh
We just moved into a 100 year old home, and I'd like to get some information on what my options are to make the home more energy efficient.
Vicinity of Pacific Ave in Pittsburgh
Our furnace is leaking water
Vicinity of Penny Dr in Pittsburgh
Heat won't come on,and my house is freezing and I have children here
Vicinity of Alderson in Pittsburgh
We are looking to do heated floors in several rooms of a remodel we are working on. We have an existing boiler radiator system, and are considering something that might attach to that or a separate electrical system. I'd like to see what you think our best options are. For background, our home is almost 90 years old. It is brick exterior on top of terracotta speed block construction, no insulation in the walls. The main room we want to heat is approximately 16 x 12 (split between a bathroom and closet) and is planned to be ceramic tile on the bath side and perhaps existing hardwood on the closet side, although we could add carpet to that room or new hardwood if needed. There is also a kitchen area we are looking at heating which allows access underneath the sub floor in the joist space in the basement as well as an area above an integral garage that is notoriously cold on account of a older French door and the fact that its above a garage presumably. There is a radiator there now which fails to do the trick. Please email to let me know what you think. I can't really talk on the phone while at work. Thank you, Steve
Vicinity of Clairmont Avenue in Pittsburgh
Was looking for spray insulation for my basement ceilings.
Vicinity of Ascot Place in Pittsburgh
Looking for an estimate for a heat pump replacement. We're interested in Bryant or Carrier heat pumps that operate at low outdoor temperatures & warm outlet air. AC is not a priority for us, even in summer. We've got roughly 3200 square feet to heat.
Vicinity of Loretta Dr in Pittsburgh
Adding to more hvac vents off main feed ( new constrution in basement)
Vicinity of Old Gilkeson Rd in Pittsburgh
I recently purchased a home that has forced heat. I am interested in having A/C installed and would like a rough estimate as to what I can expect that to cost. Please email me at your earliest convenience. Thanks! Aaron
Vicinity of Sunridge Dr in Pittsburgh
Need better attic insulation
Vicinity of Ryland Dr in Pittsburgh
Would like an estimate on an energy audit
Vicinity of Liberty Ave. in Pittsburgh
Pesticides and strong commercial cleaners are used in my building. I have no choice about that. I want to improve my air quality by increaing outside air and Improving exhaust from kitchen and bath. I'm looking for advice also about what house plants help remove air pollution.
Vicinity of WINGATE DR in Pittsburgh
Uneven heating in the house
Vicinity of Palo Alto St. in Pittsburgh
I am looking to replace flooring in a room in my home and I would like to replace the radiator in the room with in floor heating at the same time.
Vicinity of Vista in Pittsburgh
Looking for an estimate for a client for a full install
Vicinity of Beacon Street in Pittsburgh
Service steam radiators
Vicinity of Hurl Drive in Pittsburgh
We want foam installed in the crawl space under a 10 X 12 foot room. This is an add on room entered from the basement.
Vicinity of Termon Ave in Pittsburgh
We have purchased a new home, built in the 1930's. It seems very cold inside, particularly the upstairs and front rooms, even when we have the thermostat up very high. It seems like we can feel drafts from around doors, and its pretty substantial. We would love to meet with someone to explore our options to pinpoint problems and hopefully insulate or come up with some way to keep the heat in. Thank you!
Vicinity of Woodmont St in Pittsburgh
I'd like to hear how I can better insulate the unfinished part of my basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Junilla in Pittsburgh
I need a 3 story building insulated. I need pricing.
Vicinity of Peterson Place in Pittsburgh
We had an energy audit done in 2011 and are looking to do the recommended improvements. Not sure if we need another audit or not. Please call me to discuss possibilities.
Vicinity of Remington Dr in Pittsburgh
We are building a large bathroom in a previously uninsulated addition at my son's home. We need to have two outside walls and the entire floor insulated. In addition, would like to have duct installed so we can heat the area from furnace and also would like to get the heating system balanced. Hi Paul!
Vicinity of Short Canal Street in Pittsburgh
Looking at different contractors to find the best price for wall insulating my entire home.
Vicinity of S Lang Ave in Pittsburgh
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Beechwood Blvd. in Pittsburgh
Garage ceiling needs insulation.
Vicinity of East Orchard Av in Pittsburgh
Would like to get a estimate to replace a Furnace and AC unit, the work to be done in the spring. Thanks Wayne
Vicinity of Windsor Road in Pittsburgh
I want a closed cell DOW spray foam insulation in a wall in my house. Possibly more work, but need to discuss I desire this work to occur ASAP
Vicinity of Mary St in Pittsburgh
I have a crawl space under my kitchen that is not insulated/heated, making it very cold in the winter. The space is about 2-3 feet above dirt ground.
Vicinity of Campus in Pittsburgh
Need furnace inspected/repaired. Pilot light will come on (yellow/orange, may be too faint) but it will never fully light the gas.
Vicinity of Spruce Valley Drive in Pittsburgh
New furnace is not working, I think it might be the switch
Vicinity of Norwich Ave. in Pittsburgh
Drafty room over the garage. Poor insulation in 100 year old house.
Vicinity of N Woodland Road in Pittsburgh
I have severe noise transmitting from condo above me. Would like info on soundproofing my ceiling.
Vicinity of Mapleton Avenue in Pittsburgh
Looking to finish my basement and rein sulfate the garage with spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Roxbury Rd in Pittsburgh
Want to replace original fiberglass insulation in 1956 ranch home attic. Want to replace with R-30 fiberglass. Attic is open, empty, minimal floor board, ~2x2-foot attic access in closet ceiling. House about 850 sq feet.
Vicinity of Minnock Dr in Pittsburgh
I am looking for an estimate for spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Hiland Valley Dr in Pittsburgh
Need an estimate for a yearly inspection on a condo furnace/AC. Easy access.
Vicinity of Spring Valley Road in Pittsburgh
Crawl space insulation. current insulation has fallen down in places and there is no vapor barrier
Vicinity of Jacksonia in Pittsburgh
Hi there, I'm interested in getting a quote for cellulose insulation for my home and also attic fiberglass blanket insulation. Look forward to hearing back. Thanks
Vicinity of Olive Street in Pittsburgh
I am looking to price the cost of having my furnace air filter cleaned.
Vicinity of Mccully St in Pittsburgh
My garage is underneath my house and as a result it lets a great deal of cold air in and the rooms above the garage are cold as well. Want to get best solution,... be it spray foam or something else. Thanks
Vicinity of Jacks Run Road in Pittsburgh
Estimate to replace a boiler (residential)
Vicinity of Murdstone Rd in Pittsburgh
High electric bills
Vicinity of Clairtonica in Pittsburgh
Purchased house about 3mths ago and it doesn't have a furnace. Ducts for a high efficiency furnace are there but not sure we could afford a high efficiency furnace. If anyone could come out to do an estimate and tell us pricing for furnace and installation? Also, gas line is being replaced, does that have to be done first?
Vicinity of Burchfield Avenue in Pittsburgh
I need to replace my current dual Valiant baseboard heating system
Vicinity of Pyramid Avenue in Pittsburgh
Just looking for blown insulation into my attic.
Vicinity of King Charles Dr in Pittsburgh
Have a 20+ years old central AC that needs replacement. It is still running but a serviceman recommended it be replaced. The furnace itself is only 2-3 years old so it is fine. Would like an installed quote.
Vicinity of Grafton in Pittsburgh
Our house leaks pretty badly in the winter, and is hard to keep cool on hot days in the summer. It was built in the 60s, and we'd like to find out what our options are for improving its efficiency.
Vicinity of Isolda Drive in Pittsburgh
Requesting a quote on a new air conditioner and furnace. Current units are over 25 years old and not efficient
Vicinity of Dawson Street in Pittsburgh
Replace furnace with more efficient central heat and air unit.
Vicinity of Grove Ave in Pittsburgh
My air conditioner is not working. I am planning to upgrade to a new unit.
Vicinity of Greenwood Avenue in Pittsburgh
Your company has come highly recommended from two sources and I would be interested in having someone come check our furnace and a/c unit. The furnace has been working fine, but we aren't sure about the a/c. It hasn't been used in a few years.

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