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Bolster-DeHart, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Allison Park. Learn more about Bolster-DeHart, Inc.'s recent work requests in Allison Park and nearby areas!

Learn more about Bolster DeHart, Inc.'S recent work requests in Allison Park, PA
Vicinity of Rosanna Drive in Allison Park
Want to have may attic insulated.
Vicinity of Meyers Lane in Allison Park
We need to re-do the crawl space insulation. The moisture in the house during summer is 75% or more. Rooms above the crawl space are cold during winter months. Existing fiber glass insulation is deteriorated.( My phone number is 412 592 5836 but I left it at home today. The phone I provided is my husband's. In case you will be calling today. Thanks !!)
Vicinity of Middle Road in Allison Park
We need an attic fan installed as our A/C is working overtime.
Vicinity of Sample Rd in Allison Park
Second floor area is significantly warmer than rest of house - Cool air from central A/C isn't making its way to the second floor.
Vicinity of Carriage Hill Road in Allison Park
I would like an air conditioner check up prior to the summer season. Please call at your earliest convenience. Thank you
Vicinity of Caribou Drive in Allison Park
Today I noticed icicles forming off the gutters in the front of our house and I am concerned we have ice dams which could damage our roof/interior.
Vicinity of Peebles Road in Allison Park
I need to change the furnace and air conditioning it is too old and i will be closing by Dec-Jan. And need to extend the heated areas.
Vicinity of Ferguson Rd. in Allison Park
We are submitting grant proposals, and need an established quote.
Vicinity of Dolphin Dr. in Allison Park
Looking at getting attic better insulated
Vicinity of Circle Drive in Allison Park
Looking to seal and insulate an addition. Space is not accessible but does have foundation vents. Looking to understand options.
Vicinity of McNeal Road in Allison Park
Would like to get the whole house insulated. Have aluminum siding so would like it done from inside.
Vicinity of Meadow Oaks Drive in Allison Park
Air leakage and energy efficiency
Vicinity of Sample Ct in Allison Park
Garage ceiling 12x24 Joist 2x8
Vicinity of Ferguson Rd in Allison Park
We are looking to expand our radiant floor heating (staple up) to our entire first floor. We currently have it only in our addition. We will also be requiring a new boiler installation. Thank you
Vicinity of Sapling Drive in Allison Park
Looking for quote on furnace and AC unit
Vicinity of Auld Avenue in Allison Park
We are looking to waterproof our basement, would this work as a waterproof barrier?
Vicinity of Wooster Dr in Allison Park
Hi humidity in attic. Cold upstairs
Vicinity of Limestone Dr in Allison Park
There appears to be previous rodent activity in the attic that has caused damage to the insulation, so the insulation needs to be replaced. Selling the house ASAP, so looking to complete this very soon. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bayfield Road in Allison Park
Requesting an estimate on A/C replacement. Home is 1,800 sq. ft. would prefer an evening appointment, Thanks
Vicinity of Peebles Rd in Allison Park
Furnace and AC inspoections.
Vicinity of Hemlock Circle in Allison Park
Hello, I would like to get a free estimate for the attic insulation. Thanks.
Vicinity of Victory Road in Allison Park
Would like to have free estimate for furnace.
Vicinity of Carriage Hill Rd in Allison Park
Estimate for spray-foam insulation

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